The Pinterest Make Me Challenge: Finger paint

I saw, I pinned, we did!

I missed the submission deadline for the Young House Love Pinterest challenge, despite getting all motivated and actually making two of the things on my Pinterest boards. Turns out, when one challenge closes, another one opens! The Pinterest Make Me Challenge – thanks Alyce & mummytofive. (By the way, the project Alyce blogged about was fabric memory game tiles for Roo. Lucky baby – and he appreciates them too, carries them all around the house.)

Today I decided to do a third project from my Pinterest boards: Finger painting with edible paint. I got the idea and recipe from one of my favourite blogs, How We Montessori. Almost everything I do is copied from somewhere, and this blog in particular inspires many of things I am doing with Roo at the moment.

As for the details, I mixed up the recipe in the inspiration post, which is one cup of flour to one cup of water. I only used less than half, so if you don’t want enormous amounts of paint just make half. Although next time I might put it all out to see how that changes the play. I ended up using a stick blender to get it smooth.

I then divided it into three and mixed in three different coloured food dyes. I used a lot more dye than I thought I would, since I wanted vibrant colours. Roo was naked, in his Ikea Antilop high chair. I used the tray that comes with the chair, it is perfect for these sorts of things. I had a towel underneath the chair to catch the inevitable drips.

Once the session was over I put him straight into the bath. I was relieved to see that everything was easy to clean up, and the only things that were stained were my fingers and a little bit of his arm – everything else washed off or out easily. Oh and the strap on his high chair now has purple spots, which I’m ok with. My fingers are almost back to normal and its only a few hours later.

This was definitely not finger painting, more of a sensory experience. Roo is not really interested in crayons or drawing, and I think he liked this mostly for the experience of colourful goop on his hands. For the next little while, I will probably put out only two colours, so that the end result is not brown. The only reason for this is my own distaste for muddy brown.

Here follows a photo essay entitled ‘My First Paint’. I won’t blame you if you don’t make it through… I took a lot of photos. On the other hand, Aunty Monika, eat your heart out.

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7 thoughts on “The Pinterest Make Me Challenge: Finger paint

  1. How adorable is this! I just let Libra and Gemini loose with some washable paint on their old crib earlier this morning – watching children discovering the joys of painting is amazing. :)

  2. Oh just look at the concentration on his little face…beautiful! Well done!
    I agree about putting only two colours out at once – sensorial but aesthetic as well! Muddy brown offends my sense of beauty too!

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