Roo’s room: 13 months

Roo is 13 months old. His first birthday brought him quite a number of new toys, and it seemed like the new toys and the old toys had entered into a conspiracy to infiltrate every floor surface in our home. A few weeks ago I finally corralled them all into his room, and this week I finally sorted all the toys into tubs and started with an almost clean slate. Nigel & I rearranged his room a little to accommodate a few new gifts and needs. Unfortunately, this period of toy chaos coincided with Roo’s desire to remove gratings, drop things down drains, and hide things inside and behind other things, and has meant that quite a few pieces of toys have been lost. I still have hopes of finding almost everything as we clean the house.

Here is Roo’s room at 13 months. The view from the door:

The play mat is from Ikea, and Nigel chose it when we returned a lighthouse puzzle birthday gift that had been a duplicate (thanks Alyce & family!). The cupboard is his ‘garage’ and houses things with wheels. He has basically no interest in playing with them at the moment, but he has mastered the art of pushing a car around :) On top of the garage is his toothbrush and hairbrush. Usually they are in a little dish but it was missing when I took these photos.

The pail in the above shot (and yes, I am wishing I had shuffled the garage over and set the pail upright *before* taking this shot) is for his dirty clothes. The painting on the wall, that used to be blu-tacked on, is now stuck on with velcro command strips. He did and does love pulling it down, but it comes down a lot less with the velcro. In fact, sometimes it stays up for days. The train is missing a screw that was accidentally trodden on and broken, but Roo thinks this is a perfect place to store the screwdriver that came with the train, and in fact he likes putting the screwdriver in and out of its slot quite a lot.

The afore-mentioned grooming station:

This boy loves to brush his teeth:

He does not, however, love to walk. He can stand a little, but when presented with the Radio Flyer wagon sits firmly on his bum. In the next picture the wagon is filled with random toys. Those will soon go into the cupboard and a handful of carefully chosen toys will go into it instead. Just haven’t got to that yet. You can also spy his reading corner:

Demonstrating how the screwdriver goes in and out of its spot:

Looking straight at the other side of the room:

The reading corner:

Roo can now fetch books for himself and put them away. His interest in books is growing, to my pleasure. He also has a handful of stuffed toys out in this corner, they get rotated every now and then (he has so many stuffed toys!). He shows little interest in the stuffed toys unless we also play with them. He does like the girl doll a lot, he gives her baby kisses when I bring her out (which means he presses his face into her face). The lamb toy is also a favourite to chew on. Nigel enjoys using the toys that are also puppets, so a few more have come out of the cupboard since this picture was taken.

Below are his shelves, oddly devoid of toys:

I was waiting to see what skills Roo wanted to practice before filling his shelves again. Since this picture, a money-box toy and a puzzle toy have gone out as well.

The bowl contains a small collection of throwing toys – the puzzle ball was a birthday gift from friends bought from a local craftsperson. It is beautifully made, easy to grasp and rolls just the right amount. The other ball in there is a hackysack from The Oxfam Shop, which I love for the ethical origins and the lovely colours and texture and lightness yet heft of it.

The three balls & box I bought on impulse from a chemist – they were sitting on a table next to the queue. I’m so glad I bought them as he has had plenty of use from them. They were originally given to Roo many months ago without the plastic rings in the holes, so that he could drop the balls right through. He enjoyed that, and has loved using the balls without the box as well. I put the plastic rings back in (thankfully it was easy – I was wondering if I had ‘broken’ this aspect of the toy by prying them out earlier). He now has the hang of pressing the ball through the holes, but seems to enjoy lifting them out and placing them back even more than pressing them through. He will also tip the box up and drop the balls through the door.

The bowl of lego is a bit beyond his skill at the moment – he enjoys looking at pieces and pulling apart things that are stuck together but isn’t anywhere near putting pieces together himself. The collection is on view partly because it is something his siblings can play with when in his room.

The heater isn’t needed anymore, plus he has figured out how to turn it on, so it will come out of the room very soon.

The floor bed is still working wonderfully. He now lets us tuck him in at night and at nap times, and sometimes doesn’t leave the bed until after the nap/morning. The cards on the wall are no longer his birth cards but his birthday and baptism cards. One of them is a musical card that sings when you open it, and it comes down every now and then for him to play with it – he loves it.

The chair is much too big for him, but is out because when I was moving it between cupboards he climbed up on it and was very proud of himself. So I thought we will see whether he wants to do that again.

This is a shot from slightly further out so that you can see that the mobile is still there:

The last angle, in which you can see his basket of play silks that are still very popular with all the kids:

A shot of the reading corner in use. What a pity he stopped looking at the book once he heard the camera. Can you spot the toothbrush? This is its last known sighting; it has since gone missing:

A record of his joy when the camera first came out:

At some point soon I plan to do a review of how his room has changed. Maybe after he is a year and a half old.

6 thoughts on “Roo’s room: 13 months

  1. Oh! Well it’s a good thing I didn’t get that train! It was on the shortlist :) Maybe Roo can teach his first cousin once removed how to brush his teeth…

    • He claps all the time now! Every time he hears anyone say ‘hooray’, or clapping on the radio/CD, or by someone else in real life, or just for random :) He also claps when we turn on the music in the car, even if there is no clapping on the CD.

  2. That is such a perfect room for a growing child. I really love the way that everything is so neatly laid out, and how bright the room is – all that light is just wonderful to look at.

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