Artists journal

I kept a diary when I was a teenager and threw it out sometime in my late teens because I was ashamed of myself. Says a lot about me, really.

I’m going to have another go at this diary thing, but I don’t feel inspired to write a wall of words. I do feel inspired to art journal. I enjoy art and I enjoy doing art but I do not like doing it for others, so a personal art journal hits the sweet spot. It also aligns with the evolution of my blogging, which has become more and more about the photos, to the point where I don’t feel like posting if I don’t have photos.

I ordered a nice journal online and am waiting for it to arrive. However, my watercolour pencils arrived today and I had time on my hands to try them out. I discovered exactly how much difference the right paper makes!

Tests one, two and three were all done on random paper from a pad intended for writing, and in case you can’t tell, the colours are washed out, uneven, and the original pencil marks are still visible. In test 3 you can see that the colours barely mixed. It wasn’t until I fetched a random scrap of watercolour paper left over from my teens (the paper with the vine – I drew that when I was about twelve) that I found out what these pencils can really do. Test 4 was a very satisfying moment. I now have some insight into why my art, especially when using watercolours, never looked like I thought it should when I was a child. Materials, materials, materials.

Really looking forward to getting my journal and finding out what I can do next…

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